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Why epoch

Recruiting is a metrics driven industry and it's easy to stray from great client service.  With a lack of client service you experience pressured decisions, lack of urgency, over-promised delivery and often uncertainty as to where things stand. 


So how about a refreshing experience? An engaging interaction, with purpose and opportunity.  Where relationships are built on trust and transparency.  Where the only measuring stick is delivering results, for you. You, as a candidate.  You, as a client.


We have an opportunity to impact lives and companies.  What an amazing responsibility.  We happily take on that responsibility and compete for you, each step of the way until get what you want.  When you win, we win.


For our clients the next great employee can help define a new period of your company's evolution. 

For our candidates seeking new challenges, matching the next great organization in your career should be the start of a new era.  

The next epoch moment for you or your company is a click away. Contact Us.


Our core values drive the behaviours we believe make a difference at work, home and in our community. As leaders in each, we want to set the tone for those around us.


If we are not getting better, we're getting worse.  

Learn, adapt, win, repeat.


It's simple. We do what we say we're going to do. 


We are addicted to success.

Yours and ours. Always ready to compete.


Offering assurance through collaboration and feedback. What you see is what you get.


A portion of every transaction will be donated back to the community through a local charity.

Our Values



We will be recognized by the clients and community we serve as raising the bar in recruitment through our will to win, commitment to continuous improvement and contributions to those around us. 

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