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WHy transparency matters when hiring sales reps

Transparency matters when hiring any position, but it does play a larger role in the sales world.

By now, if you have interviewed for a job in the last decade, you have encountered Glassdoor. In such an interconnected world, it is crucial for all businesses to be open and honest about their hiring processes, pay structure, and corporate culture. If not, people will find out about your dishonest ways on Glassdoor or social media.

Your business should strive to be as transparent as possible in all areas. The benefits aren’t just regarding your reputation either. Transparency in your hiring process is key to finding and retaining great candidates as well as streamlining your entire hiring process.

It Reduces Turnover

In many cases, once a candidate leaves an interview, they still have no idea what it would be like to actually work for your company. This is a problem. You want potential employees to leave with a real understanding of how your business works, what your organization’s values are, and how a sales position fits into the equation.

In too many interviews, candidates walk out with misguided expectations of the realities and responsibilities of the position. This misalignment between expectations and reality is the greatest predictor of high turnover.

By posting a transparent job description, you can avoid candidates only hearing what they want to hear in the interview. Another way to increase transparency is to add a trial period or job shadowing as part of the interview process. This removes surprises and weeds out those who aren’t right for the job. Plus, once you find the perfect candidate, they are already a step ahead.

It’s an Important Differentiator

A more transparent hiring process is a great way to reduce turnover, but it can also be a huge selling point when candidates are deciding to apply for your job opening. If you lay out your expectations as clearly as possible in a job posting, candidates will appreciate it. They will have a better picture of how they fit in and how their strengths can help your sales team.

If candidates can envision a day in the life at your organization, they will likely come into the interview more enthusiastic and confident.

It Creates a Defined Hiring Strategy

If a sales manager is dedicated to being as transparent as possible during the hiring process, it means they have thoughtfully considered the position’s responsibilities, requirements, and expectations. They will know exactly what they are looking for and be able to quantify those traits in potential interview candidates.

By doing this work ahead of time, you have essentially created a full hiring strategy built around finding a candidate that meets your specific criteria. It also enables you to create questions and scenarios to gauge suitability. You have now strategized for the long process of hiring.

Being honest and open about what you want will only weed out candidates that aren’t a good fit, while enabling you to build trust with the ones who are.

It Shows You Have Nothing to Hide

Being shady and unclear in your job description or hiring process can put off potential candidates immediately—especially salespeople.

A sales audience wants to know exactly what the job is and how they will be expected to perform. You should include not only a detailed description of the job requirements but also include the position’s career path and the company culture.

If you are transparent in your job posting, make sure to be just as transparent throughout every interaction with your candidates. Everyone knows there are pros and cons to every job, so be honest about them. A company that’s holding something back, even by mistake, will come across as untrustworthy.

Have you ever had a sales interview that wasn’t what it seemed? Tell me about it in the comments!

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